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June 20, 2024

Harvesting Health: Community Nutrition Event Promotes Healthy Choices & Food Literacy


The upcoming "Harvesting Health" event on June 26, part of the ongoing Population Health Education Series by UNC Health Nash, aims to improve health literacy and access to nutritious food within the community. This event aligns with National Fruit and Vegetable Month, offering practical knowledge and tools for making healthier food choices, regardless of where you shop.

"Harvesting Health" focuses on celebrating fruits and vegetables and their role in a balanced diet. "We aim to make healthy, mindful choices accessible no matter where you get your groceries," says Cassidy Rodgers, the Population Health Manager at UNC Nash.

The session promises to be interactive, with a live demonstration on creating a nutritious meal from commonly available ingredients. Attendees will gain valuable insights on incorporating fruits and vegetables into their daily routines. The session includes a live cooking demonstration, showing that healthy eating can be both accessible and enjoyable.

Addressing the issue of nutritious food accessibility, the event recognizes that many community members rely on convenience stores like Dollar General and Family Dollar for groceries. "Small, daily choices can have huge impacts on overall health," Rodgers explains, aiming to inspire participants to make mindful choices during their next grocery run.

The event will cover:

  • The impact of nutrition on chronic diseases like heart failure, diabetes, and COPD.

  • The concept of "shopping the perimeter" of a grocery store.

  • Creating a healthy, balanced meal with minimal ingredients, including a tasting session.

The talk will address misconceptions about nutrition, highlighting that everyone can take steps toward healthier living, regardless of their starting point. "We hope to open up a discussion about making small changes with large, lasting impacts."

"Harvesting Health" is part of a collaborative effort to enhance the community's health literacy. "We hope to see our community thrive with an increased understanding of holistic health," shares Rodgers.

Community members are encouraged to participate in future sessions of the Population Health Education Series, with the next event “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart” with Dr. Joanna Dauber on July 17th at 11:30am in the UNC Health Nash Auditorium

Don't miss "Harvesting Health" on June 26 at 11:30am in the Nash Surgical Pavilion. Celebrate National Fruit and Vegetable Month and take a step toward a healthier lifestyle. For more information visit, and to RSVP, email Cassi Rodgers at

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