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May 22, 2024

Right Plant, Right Place: Understanding Your Garden's Microclimate by Tom Moss, Owner, Land Planning & Design


Right Plant, Right Place: Understanding Your Garden's Microclimate by Tom Moss, Owner, Land Planning & Design

As the chill of winter recedes, the urge to breathe new life into our gardens becomes irresistible, drawing us out into the yard to begin our annual winter clean up and stroll the aisles of the local garden centers, filled with plants and flowers that beckon with promises of transformation.

“A garden should accent the home, define space for family activities and provide peaceful views.”

Yet, amidst the excitement lies a common pitfall that many enthusiastic gardeners encounter after purchase – planting the right plants in the right places. Understanding where certain varieties of plants must be planted ensures that your landscape is not struggling to survive in unsuitable conditions. All this can be avoided by considering a several key factors before your next plant purchase.

We have created a landscape checklist of factors to consider for your next nursery run.

Questions to ask yourself:

  1. Is my landscape sunny or shaded?

  2. How tall and wide do I want the plant to eventually grow?

  3. Is the soil overly moist or well drained?

  4. Do I want the plant to keep its leaves year-round?

  5. Do I want the plant to have seasonal flowers? If so, what season would you prefer?

Areas where we work, play, relax and just "live". Destinations can be focal points of the landscape or "hidden jewels" to be discovered. These plants will extend the blooming season before and after the azalea blooming period. If various types of green foliage are your taste, try shrubs. If you have the correct conditions, these are great garden plants that can be cut and used in arrangements.

There are other items to consider such as leaf color, leaf texture, fragrance, and flower color. However, the first three questions are the most important ones to consider.

Another question that has become more important over the last 20 years is whether the plant is deer resistant. As more and more neighborhoods are built in rural settings, the displaced wildlife, especially deer, can wreak havoc on ornamental plants.

Knowing what growing conditions you have, knowing how large or small you want the plant to be, and knowing what plant qualities you are looking for will greatly increase your landscaping success. Armed with just a little extra knowledge, you will be able to put the right plant in the right place.

In the mid-south, we are blessed with a multitude of plants we can grow. There is no shortage of blooming shrubs and trees, with azaleas probably being the most widely used plant in the landscape.

How to be Successful in Planting & Establishing Your New Plants:

  1. Do not buy more than you can easily water and care for. The best time of year to plants shrubs is Nov.-Feb. in the south. However, you can plant any day of the year as long as you can water it as needed.

  2. Dig the hole as deep as the root ball and 1 and ½ as wide as the root ball of the plant.

  3. Add composted pine bark (soil conditioner) at a 50% rate to the soil that is backfilled around the plant.

  4. Water the plant very soon after planting.

  5. Whether you use pine straw or bark mulch, you only need a depth of 2” to properly conserve moisture around the plant.

  6. Become a part-time weather expert….. watch the weather and water if you have several days without rain.

  7. Finally, step back and enjoy your landscape.

Tom Moss

Land Planning & Design, Inc.

23500 NC Hwy 48 Enfield, NC 27823


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