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November 2, 2023

World's Largest Bob Ross Exhibition Comes to Rocky Mount


The world’s largest Bob Ross Exhibition Fantastic Little Paintings opens in the Mims Gallery at The Dunn Center of North Carolina Wesleyan University today. This exhibit will run through January 4, 2024. 

Bob Ross painted publicly for over 40 years, including hosting The Joy of Painting on PBS from 1983 to 1994. Ross demonstrated how to paint as he created beautiful masterpieces, capturing the beauty of nature within his art. 

Ross would have three paintings, one he worked on in front of the camera, one off camera, and another that he would take home to enhance further. 

While Ross’s artwork captivated viewers, his personality also attracted attention, as he was known for his calm and positive demeanor. 

Ross is estimated to have painted over 30,000 paintings during his lifetime; many of which will be displayed at The Dunn Center. 

Over 900 tickets have been sold to the exhibit so far. 

Companies can book parties at the Dunn Center for $700, and it includes an opportunity to view the exhibit. Food and drinks can be purchased for an additional charge.

Those interested in learning more about painting can sign up to take art classes from a certified Bob Ross instructor Melissa Pearce at the Bel Air Art Center in downtown Rocky Mount. There are many opportunities throughout November and December to paint in Bob Ross’s style.

You can sign up to paint Rocky Mount’s beautiful historic Mills on November 8 or sign up to paint “NC Mountains to the Sea” to capture North Carolina’s splendid and varied beauty on December 2 or Dec. 30.

The full list of available classes can be found here. Classes are $65 each. Register online or by calling 252-955-3186.

Tickets to see Fantastic Little Paintings are $15 and available now. Admission is free for children under 5. Contact Jan Volz at or 252-985-5268 to learn more about the exhibition or to schedule tours.

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