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First Presbyterian Church Embodies Spirit of Community Support through Partnership with Building Shalom

Rocky Mount, April 16, 2024 -

In a remarkable display of community solidarity, First Presbyterian Church (FPC) stands out as a beacon of generosity and compassion through its ongoing partnership with Building Shalom. With a shared commitment to fostering positive change and empowering individuals, FPC's contributions have played a pivotal role in advancing the mission of Building Shalom.

Building Shalom, a dynamic force for community revitalization, is dedicated to transforming blighted neighborhoods into vibrant and thriving communities. Central to their mission is the empowerment of individuals from historically underserved areas through comprehensive homeownership programs. These programs, which include life planning coaching, financial literacy courses, and homebuyer education, provide aspiring homeowners with the tools and resources needed to achieve their dreams of homeownership.

At the heart of Building Shalom's success lies the unwavering support of First Presbyterian Church. Through their generous contributions, FPC has enabled Building Shalom to make significant strides towards its goals. Most recently, FPC's decision to return the rent paid over the past year has provided Building Shalom with vital resources to purchase a HUD-approved Client Management System, a crucial step towards becoming a HUD-approved agency.

This act of generosity is just one example of FPC's longstanding commitment to Building Shalom. Over the past two years, FPC has consistently provided financial assistance for housing projects, demonstrating their dedication to community development and empowerment.

Since its inception in May 2022, Building Shalom has made remarkable progress, completing seven housing renovations and serving thirty-two individuals from the community. With a success rate of 62% in facilitating homeownership, Building Shalom's impact extends far beyond individual homeowners, contributing to the revitalization of entire neighborhoods.

Looking ahead, Building Shalom remains focused on its mission, with plans to complete six additional housing projects by the end of 2024. Their continued partnership with First Presbyterian Church ensures that they will have the support and resources needed to continue making a positive difference in the lives of individuals and communities alike.

About First Presbyterian Church (FPC)

First Presbyterian Church is a pillar of philanthropy and community support in Rocky Mount. Through their partnership with Building Shalom and other organizations, FPC continues to demonstrate its commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of individuals and families in need.

About Building Shalom

Building Shalom is a nonprofit organization dedicated to revitalizing blighted neighborhoods and empowering individuals through homeownership. Through comprehensive programs and community partnerships, Building Shalom is creating lasting change and building a brighter future for all.

Information and photography provided by Lemanuel Williams. 

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Thank you to Our Community Partners! 

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