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Gam-Med Empowers Patients through Education

Dr. Sheik Faye, a Physician Assistant originally from Gambia, started Gam-Med Family Medicine & Walk-In Clinic 18 months ago when he saw the need for a more holistic approach to healthcare in the Twin County area.

Gam-Med’s focus is patient empowerment through patient education. When patients are more knowledgeable about their risk factors and health conditions they can take a more proactive approach to their care.

From a holistic standpoint, informed patients are better able to assist practitioners with diagnosing the actual problems and avoid repeat visits due to a myopic focus on symptom management.

In addition to holistic, preventative care, Gam-Med Urgent Care offers immediate care services as well.

Presently Gam-Med is working on several community collaborations, including the Brain Health Awareness collaboration with Ward’s Pharmacy to spread awareness about dementia.

Brain and mental health is an essential part of our overall health that goes unchecked often too long. With the lack of timely access to specialists in the area, this collaboration hopes to benefit community members by helping them understand where they are and what they can implement within their daily lives to combat memory loss.

Dr. Sheik is open to providing follow-up evaluations for individuals that have taken the cognitive evaluation to assist with implementing additional early intervention referrals and prescription needs. Gam-Med’s long-term plans for this collaboration include a community roundtable, creating local support groups for those experiencing mental health issues, and a yearly memory walk which brings members from all communities together to remember the past, present, and to think about the future.

In addition to the collaboration with Ward Drug, Gam-Med is launching a community program known as Bedside Barbers. This partnership with local barbers is an out-of-the-box approach to discussing men's health within the comfort of their barber shop.

The overall goal of Bedside Barbers program is to partner with local barber shops to encourage men to take a more active role in their health and also address the stigmas associated with coming to the doctor’s office.

For more information on Gam-Med Family Medical Clinic, visit their website or pay them a visit at their offices on Sunset Avenue in Rocky Mount.


Thank you to Our Community Partners! 

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