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Larema Plans Expansion in Rocky Mount

Larema Coffee House has experienced success in downtown Rocky Mount by establishing a welcoming vibe where people come in and get attention and care from the entire team.

Larema distinguishes itself in the way they carefully craft every item on the menu from the syrups, which are made in-house, to the food options available. The menu is excellent, but they know customers come for a fuller experience.

Each detail of the coffee house contributes to the atmosphere that makes people feel like friends and family when they come in, reinforcing the meaning of “Larema” which means my friend in the Acholi language of Uganda.

Every step of the business is a clear labor of love. Larema cares about the community and engaging people with the absolute best. They are committed to working with local vendors and businesses to strengthen the whole community.

Larema aims to expand their warm atmosphere where you are welcomed as a friend by adding a dedicated space for private events. | Photo by Tim Sia

According to Kevin McLaughlin, the owner of Larema, the magic of a coffee shop is that you see people coming together in the same place that you might not typically see together elsewhere. Their business model is deeply driven by a sense of community; they want everyone to feel loved and worthy of attention when they step in the door.

After opening the shop in downtown Rocky Mount in September 2019, they opened a scaled-down location in a shared space in downtown Wilson in November 2020. The goal of both locations is to serve the community by providing the best experience possible.

In light of their success and growth, they plan to expand their current location downtown to host private parties, meetings, and events.

They hope to open the space next week, and they will release more information on booking private events soon. In addition to using this space for private events, they also intend to use it for overflow seating during busy weekend hours. They see this additional space as a way of improving how they can serve and care for the community.

The expansion will provide an intentionally versatile space, maintaining the vibe established in the current café but with the flexibility to be set up as needed for a wide range of events. The additional space will also allow them to showcase the kitchen and baked goods available.

As they continue to grow, they plan to create a catering menu that would allow them to provide wraps, scones, and other items they could drop off to local businesses and organizations.

All of the plans for growth in the future are grounded in the desire to improve in quality and provide a better experience as much as possible. Fostering relationships with members of the community and welcoming new friends are essential parts of providing that better experience.

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