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Mayor Roberson Advocates for Rocky Mount

In this week’s TC Spotlight podcast, we spent time with Mayor Sandy Roberson of Rocky Mount to discuss his life as mayor, businessman, and family man.

Mayor Roberson described how he spends much of his time meeting with concerned citizens, having policy conversations, and advocating for the city with our state delegates.

Currently, the Mayor is working with state officials to secure state funds to build a courthouse downtown, which is a great need in the area. He hopes the collaboration can secure grants to avoid asking tax-payers to fund this project.

One of his main goals as mayor is to create exposure points to help people and businesses see the great things we have going on in our community, partly in hopes of attracting more people to the area.

He also described his commitment to seeing the downtown area revitalized by choosing to have his own office downtown. He is excited to see the recent additions to the area through local restaurants like the Main Street Gastropub, Larema, Moe & D’s, NABS, and more.

Roberson hopes to see downtown continue to thrive and turn into a highly walkable city with attractions. One opportunity he sees businesses using is taking advantage of the thousands of people visiting the Event Center each weekend.

While the community has seen growth and development in recent years, Mayor Roberson still sees opportunities for development. In particular, the area he most hopes to see improvement in is our education system.

He celebrated our great teachers and administrators, but he recognizes that we face challenges that the school system is not intended to solve such as food insecurity and housing instability.

The mayor plays an important role in advocating for the city despite not being able to vote on many policy issues, as that responsibility falls to the city council. Mayor Roberson takes his office seriously and mentioned his commitment to pray for the city regularly alongside the Mayor Pro-Tem.

In addition to discussing his responsibilities as mayor, Roberson also shared about his life as a businessman and a family man. Listen to the podcast on our website or on Spotify to hear the full interview.


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