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A Close Look at North Carolina Wesleyan

North Carolina Wesleyan is a well-known institution in the Twin Counties, and much more is going on there than you might know. This week, TC Media spoke with Dr. Evan Duff, President of North Carolina Wesleyan University, on our podcast to learn more about what is happening at the school.

Wesleyan became a university in 2022, officially changing from North Carolina Wesleyan College to North Carolina Wesleyan University. This status was earned by establishing successful Adult Studies programs, offering newly developed graduate degrees, and serving a large international student population.

The Adult Studies program is one of the most noteworthy things taking place at Wesleyan. This program offers working adults an opportunity to further their education by taking night classes in an accelerated course of study. NCWU began offering adult programs in the 1970s, but they have continued to grow. Students from all over the state can enroll in the program by attending courses at a satellite campus or by enrolling in online courses.

Dr. Duff hopes that the traditional student population will continue to grow over the next several years, but he sees the Adult Students Program as a critical area for the institution to experience growth.

NCWU has recently constructed new buildings to serve its student population, including an indoor sports facility and the Shaw Learning Center. There was also significant work done to renovate the dorms on campus. Wesleyan is also working on a multi-phase project to improve its athletics fields, including its football stadium.

Dr. Duff knows that Wesleyan will need to be innovative to meet the needs of the students of today and tomorrow, as education is rapidly changing. He believes Wesleyan is well-positioned to serve our community by equipping the workforce and providing education to help elevate people to a strong socio-economic status.

Part of the innovation taking place at Wesleyan is evident in one program that will allow new adult students or returning Wesleyan students who did not complete a degree to enroll in up to 15 hours of courses during the summer for free. Another exciting program is the affordable and completely online RN to BSN program.

Over the next several years the school plans to expand its graduate programs and continue to grow. Dr. Duff hopes that the school will continue to succeed and further solidify its reputation as a school of excellence.

Listen to the full interview with Dr. Duff here or on Spotify.


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