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Battle Park Gets Updates

The weather is warming up, and it is a great time to get out and about in some of our local parks and nearby trails. If you’ve been near the Rocky Mount Mills recently, you’ve undoubtedly noticed the construction near Battle Park.

In addition to the road construction, Battle Park itself has undergone a number of notable updates within the last year. It is an impressive location to explore this time of year, and the recent changes have made it worth checking out.

The initial phase of park renovation included forest management. This involved a combination of forestry mulching north of the greenway and hand thinning south of the greenway in an effort to control an invasive species in the area. All work was completed consistent with Tar-Pamlico Riparian Buffer rules.

One of the major highlights of Battle Park is the updated paved pathways which are part of the Rocky Mount Greenway system. The renovated paths make walking through the park more enjoyable.

Battle Park also has mountain bike and cross-country trails worth exploring. You can explore two loops near Battle Park. The 3.7 mile Battle Park Loop includes the restoration of the original 1976 "unpaved path" that provides a great view of the falls and the dam. The 1.3 mile Salamander Ridge Loop is located on the Rocky Mount Greenway adjacent Sunset Park. An additional 1.5 miles of trail is been included in the planned Sunset Park Renovation.

One of the newest upgrades to Battle Park is the addition of a new disc golf course. Considered the most advanced of Rocky Mount’s five courses, the Battle Park disc golf course utilizes the greenway for many of the tee pads and existing the “carriage roads” of the park for disc paths.

In addition to the trails, the Battle Park fishing piers and boat ramps have been fully renovated.

The Rocky Mount Greenway takes you east from Battle Park to Stith-Talbert Park, where you can cross the beautiful wooden single-span suspension bridge, which is one of the longest in the United States (an excellent spot for photos as well).

The improvements throughout the park have elevated the already idyllic location of an area locals can enjoy and be proud of.


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