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New Disc Golf Course Shines at Wesleyan

Last December dedicated members of the Bishop Disc Golf Association community completed a newly redesigned disc golf course at North Carolina Wesleyan University to provide a high quality experience for students, community members, and disc golf fans from other areas.

Disc golf, a recreational sport with similarities to golf, is played by throwing a frisbee at a basket. Different discs can be used for various purposes, including driving and putting, similar to golf.

After two 9 hole courses fell into disrepair, Marcus Rich, store manager of the bookstore and club advisor of the Bishop Disc Golf Association, led the initiative to create a new course for people to enjoy.

The recently completed course features a 9-hole format or an 18-hole course for players to choose from. The baskets are hidden throughout the campus, and each tee sign has a QR code that players can scan to learn more about locations or events on NCWU’s campus. The course gives visitors a great opportunity to see the beauty of the campus while also being out of the way.

Hundreds of rounds have been played over thousands of hours since the start of 2023, bringing visitors to the campus, specifically to enjoy the new course.

The course was completed through generous donations of members from the disc golf community, and it is maintained by the Bishop Disc Golf Association. Rich hopes the new course will draw more students to join the club, but he also encourages members of the community to enjoy the course.

The disc golf course at NCWU offers students and members of the community an opportunity to play the sport while exploring campus. | Photo provided by NC Wesleyan

Last weekend, on September 23, despite significant rain, Yeet Street Discs from Raleigh hosted a tournament on the NCWU course with a portion of the funds going back to the club.

Past club president, Ty Peele says the course “is a great opportunity for people to come out and enjoy the campus.”

Rich says that disc golf provides a great outlet for stress relief and a chance to be outside. There are several variations of rules to make it suitable for those looking for a more competitive sport as well as those looking for something more leisurely.

The Rocky Mount area has a number of other disc golf courses to enjoy including Sunset Park, Battle Park, Stone Park, Nash Community College, and several others. A full list of courses is available through the UDisc app, which also allows you to record your scores.

One of the great things about disc golf, according to Rich, is that you can return to the course and compete with yourself, always trying to beat your previous scores.

Those looking to get into disc golf can purchase a 3 disc starter kit from the Rachel T. Dix Bookstore at NCWU for around $13. The bookstore is a certified Discmania dealer if you are looking to get started or if you need to get new discs. Once you get addicted to the sport, you can upgrade your discs and further explore the sport.

If you are interested in joining a community of disc golfers, be sure to check out the BDGA Facebook page and Rocky Mount Disc Golf to stay up-to-date on their upcoming events.


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