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Tarboro Approves New Social District Downtown

Monday night the Tarboro town council approved the creation of a new social district downtown in hopes of increasing activity and business as part of the ongoing downtown development. This new social district would allow alcohol purchased from permitted businesses to be consumed outdoors, on sidewalks, and on the property of participating businesses from 11:00 a.m. until 11:00 p.m. Monday through Sunday.

Tarboro’s decision follows other cities including Raleigh, Wilson, and Greenville which have recently adopted similar policies after the North Carolina General Assembly passed legislation to allow cities to create such areas. Signs would mark the boundaries of the social district, and they would also be used to indicate which businesses sell, allow, or prohibit beverages on their property.

Tarboro Brewing Company, Church St. Tap and Deli, Monday, Monday, and On the Square are among the businesses interested in participating in the new district. Liam Gilroy, a Financial Advisor at Fortis Investments in Tarboro, noted to TC Media that 100% of ABC permittees within the proposed district supported the new plan.

The initiative was led by the Economic Vitality Committee of Downtown Tarboro. Their proposal includes provisions for the implementation and maintenance of the district.

Gilroy also noted, “This district, plus, hopefully, aesthetic improvements (paint, flowers, benches/seating) will help accelerate interest in our efforts. The town is a recipient of a large grant for riverfront and downtown development as well.”

These changes are expected to make downtown Tarboro more attractive for new businesses and investors to move into the area. The hope is that this district would create an enjoyable environment for residents and visitors. It is also expected to provide a suitable area for future events and festivals.

What are your thoughts on the new social district? Would you like to see other municipalities in the Twin Counties adopt a similar plan? Let us know by clicking the survey below!

This is the proposed social district. Image provided by Liam Gilroy.


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