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Winter Favorites around the Twin Counties

Winter can be a challenging time of year with the gray skies and cold weather. But the Twin Counties offer a lot to help lift you out of the wintry funk.

Warm drinks are a must for surviving the winter, and we have a ton of places where you can grab some tasty seasonal drinks.

The Peppermint Mocha at Larema Coffee is a must-have. This drink has delicious Videri chocolate, peppermint, and espresso that create a rich and creamy beverage that will pick you up.

The Chai Spiced Cider from Larema is great for those who want something warm but don’t care for coffee.

Trax Coffee at Station Square just reopened, and they bring a variety of warm drinks and sweet treats from Miranda’s Sweet Addictions. You can’t miss these delicious baked goods paired with their drinks.

Station Square is home to Trax Coffee and Bin & Barrel.

Tarboro Coffee House has hot chocolates, hot teas, and several coffee-based drinks including their latte with toasted marshmallow flavor. It will warm your heart and make you feel like you are right by the campfire. While there you can also grab some local snacks.

For an evening seasonal drink, Goat Island Bottle Shop has a Gingerbread Hot Chocolate 10W-40 Stout from Asheville’s Hi-Wire Brewing and a Grand Cherry Cider from Blake’s Hard Cider Co. in Michigan.

Spaceway Brewing’s Agent Seven Cream Ale is a sweet, creamy drink that is great year-round.

Sometimes a cozy atmosphere is just what you need in the winter, and Bin & Barrel offers a great environment. Enjoy wine and a variety of foods in this great spot.

Mrs. George’s Peanut Butter Pie is a great winter dessert. It is available at Barley & Burger and Books and Beans in Rocky Mount. Enjoy a slice at the great atmosphere of Books and Beans or order a whole pie to take home (place orders in advance).

Let us know your favorite winter foods and drinks from the Twin Counties!


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