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Why Did We Start TC Media?

We started Twin County Media a few months ago to highlight the positive news and events throughout the Twin Counties. TC Media was started by four guys — three originally from Rocky Mount, Benton, Andrew, and Turner, and one, Seth, who moved here six years ago — with the goal of engaging and building up the community.

We felt that negative news about the Twin Counties was easily accessible but that there was no real platform for the exciting and encouraging things happening in our area.

We began with the idea of creating a newsletter that focused on great things happening in the community that would help people know what was going on. As time went on, we recognized that there was a real need in the community for connecting people with one another and the information needed to enjoy all that the Twin Counties offers.

As our organization took shape, we decided to host a podcast featuring interesting guests throughout the community and to maintain a website that would be a hub for all of our content.

One of the key areas of focus for us was making sure that we were sharing upcoming events. This is why each newsletter has a section highlighting a few of the great upcoming events. In addition to that, we also maintain a community calendar on our website that has many more events, weeks into the future.

We want to provide relevant information for everyone regardless of their age or hobbies or community to have some knowledge of what’s going on.

We hope that TC Media provides a worthwhile and valuable service to the Twin Counties because when people interact with and invest in their community, it will become a better place. We hope that we can play some role in helping the Twin Counties and their residents flourish.

The spirit of TC Media is to change the narrative in our community by focusing on the positive. To learn more about who we are and the vision for TC Media, check out this week’s podcast on our website or on Spotify.


Thank you to Our Community Partners! 

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